Common Questions on Home Staging

Why is it necessary to stage a home prior to listing it?

ANSWER:  Over 84% buyers search for homes online first. Great photos open the door for buyers as they highlight the unique features of your home. Don’t let they potential buyers cross your house off the list by simply due to poor photos.

Why is organizing a home prior to staging necessary?

ANSWER:  We all accumulate stuff over the years. Because of busy lifestyles, it’s difficult to devote time to organizing and de-cluttering. It can be overwhelming so you put it off until you have more time.

Organizing is essential before staging so your MLS photos and showings will reflect a positive image. By organizing first, it enables buyers to be focused on great features and floor layouts – and not be distracted by your stuff. Families will also benefit greatly from an organized lifestyle. With everything in its place, you will be able to find what you need right away. Neat Nests is organized design.

Couldn’t I just wait for the right buyer to see my home’s potential? It only takes one buyer, right?

ANSWER:  Yes, absolutely!  But remember… staged houses will sell faster and for more money. A home that is staged will net you about 17% higher. And they will sell faster. Non-staged homes added an extra 3 months on the MLS market. – A significant difference!

Why can’t I just create a staged look myself and save the money.

ANSWER:  Your house is your home. That means it is arranged and decorated for your specific tastes and living style. While it may be comfortable for your family, it most likely will not appeal to buyers. Staging professionals apply emphasis on the positive attributes while correcting the negatives.

Why isn’t just cleaning and straightening enough. Don’t buyers understand that they can change it to suit their own style?

ANSWER:  A neat home is essential for viewing. But staging professionals are trained to make the visual improvements that reveal that “wow” factor. For example; if your family room is small, we can arrange it so it not only appears larger but actually allows it to be more functional for larger families. Creating the illusion of more space is almost as vital as actually having more space.

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