Preparing Your Home for Sale or Rental

The effects of staging are dramatic!

Why stage your home or condo before selling or renting? After a few years living in a home, a well-designed home lends its way to comfort and convenience. The overall appearance of the house fades and is no longer apparent to homeowners.  Preparing your home for Sale or Rental will allow you to sell your home fast.

Home buyers will judge your house based several factors. Many buyers have trouble seeing through the clutter, unappealing furniture layout, or poor lighting. This overall appearance will have a significant effect on the buyer’s decision. Through an organized designer’s trained eye, these are simple fixes. Once staged properly by combining the principles of good design, the buyer will leave with a positive feeling about your home and this new look could potentially make the sale.

Neat Nests specializes in finding solutions that will reveal your home’s potential and value. We’ll also help to depersonalize your home so buyers can visualize your house as their house. A house that is staged and shows well will appeal to most buyers.

How We Do It

First, call to schedule a 1-hour free consultation. During this consultation, I will document the first impressions (that a buyer will see) and my recommendations for your home and outdoor areas. Then I will develop an organizational and staging plan.

Pricing and Plans

Pricing is based on the type of staging plan you choose.

Teamwork Staging:  A one to two day transformation of the entire property. I work with the homeowner to achieve the best visual appeal for on-line photos, showings and open houses.

DIY Staging:  I’ll provide homeowner with a do-it-yourself action plan based on my recommendations to de-clutter and properly stage for maximum impact.

Neat Nests offers fair pricing and dependable service.


Other facts you should know before listing your home.

After 2 years in a home, sellers overlook key visual factors that can potentially prevent offers from buyers.

92% of home buyers start their search through real estate websites on line. These photos make all the difference in making the must-see list. Staged homes make a far greater impact to the home buyer.

The longer a home remains on the market, the lower the selling price will be. By increasing the perceived value, the better chance you will have of selling sooner.

According to HGTV, the #1 biggest mistake in the list of 25 of the Biggest Real Estate Mistakes” is making the decision to NOT STAGE A HOME.

Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.

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